Saturday, March 5, 2011


How did this happen?
It's like one minute,
I'm so sad about how no one ever likes me,
and the next minute,
we're snuggling together under the blankets on the couch in my shed
while my parents are out at dinner.

Who am I?
When I think of myself,
I never imagine having guts to do that kind of stuff.
I always imagine that it would be awkward
to do anything that the girls who have boyfriends do.
But with him,
it's so real.
I swear I don't know anyone more real.



  1. How did this happen? Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much...

    No, I agree with Kay. This was a very good post. You're a great writer.

    I didn't understand what any of the emoticons meant on the bottom so I just voted all of them.

  2. hahahaha and the emoticons are just how you felt after reading the post?

  3. Okay the dress in your photo is so CUTE! Well the whole picture is GREAT and AWESOME!!! The words are true and honest

  4. you stopped commenting. :(
    am i not worthy of your thoughts?